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This page will be regularly updated with new content and information on the setting and the factions present at the event.

Welcome to

Sturmwacht II

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New ticket allotment and hygiene concept 2G + quick test!
Dear Sturmwacht participants!
The waiting list for the last ticket quota is starting! How does it work?
If you register for the waiting list, you will receive a payment request by email on 01.01.2022! We will then know exactly how many people are allowed to attend due to possible Corona requirements, but we expect the full number of people to be allowed!
We are confident that we will have a grand Sturmwacht II: Under Siege with you!
So act quick, the waiting list will soon be full! (Already brought tickets are already safe, this is about new spaces/tickets)
If the tickets and the waiting list are sold out, check the ConQuest and Sturmwacht FB group regularly, every now and then someone may cancel and have a ticket for sale!
The full hygiene concept will be adapted and published shortly before the event according to the latest findings.
However, we would like to announce a few basic decisions that will affect you: Sturmwacht II will be a 2G +antigen test event.
What does that mean?
It means that we can only allow vaccinated and recovered people to participate in our event. Participants must bring proof of vaccination or recovery.
So that everyone can feel completely safe, we will all do an antigen test on site at the check-in. Please bring your own test and take it live in front of our organisers. This will probably take a few minutes longer than usual, but at least we will know that we are as safe as possible. And please stay at home and cure yourself if you have cold symptoms.
Why are we doing this?
At the time of writing, approximately 67% of the population has been fully vaccinated. Everyone still has the opportunity to be vaccinated before Sturmwacht II. We have agreed on a 2G + antigen test event in the hope of guaranteeing the feasibility of the event and in order not to endanger the health of the participants.
What if my doctor says I can’t get vaccinated?
Then please contact us at regie@mythodea.de.
We will then need proof from your doctor and will test you for Corona every morning at 9:30 with an antigen test.
If you do not want to be vaccinated, you will be excluded from this event for the safety of the other participants.
If this applies to a ticket holder, please email info@skald.com with name, email and ticket number for reimbursement.
In addition, please all bring your own non-fragile cup/drinking vessel to safely serve water in for battles or similar situations.
You will receive the final details of the hygiene concept in a few weeks!
We are looking forward to seeing you and to a safe event!
See you soon
Sturmwacht II: Under Siege!
Your cautiously anticipating LA Team

Dear Stormwatchers!
It is unfortunately like so often last year – but hopefully not often this year – the event “Sturmwacht II- Under Siege” has to be postponed by us.
We hoped and waited until the last minute, but now it is certain: we cannot host Sturmwacht as planned.
With the increasing numbers and the new virus variants, as well as the orders of the Federation for the next few weeks, we have to take this step.
Unfortunately, even tests or the like do not offer sufficient protection – and your health comes first.
Therefore, with a heavy heart, we have decided to wait until next year to find out how Stormwatch Castle will fare under a heavy siege.
The new date is 3 – 6 FEBRUARY 2022. Your tickets will of course remain valid.
We will keep you posted on further developments!
Please stay healthy and take care!
Best regards
Your LA Team


The Con takes place at a real castle!
The event is a small 18+ event with about 300 participants.

Schloßstraße 16, 39343 Altenhausen,


  • NSC contingent dorm: TBA
  • Player contingent castle-hostel: 259€
  • Player contingent castle-hotelroom: 359€