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This page will be regularly updated with new content and information on the setting and the factions present at the event.

Welcome to

Sturmwacht II

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Dear Sturmwach Participants!
We tried everything possible, but unfortunately it wasn’t enough in the end. It is a sad certainty, the event “Sturmwacht II- Under Siege” has to be postponed once more. The new date is expected to be 23 – 26.02.2023.
It was hoped and we waited until the last minute, but now it’s certain: we can’t organise as planned.
With the increasing numbers and the new virus variants, as well as still uncertain orders of the new government for the next weeks, we would either have to postpone or drive such a strict concept that with only a fraction of the planned participants and distancing regulations, too much of the fun would fall by the wayside (no dancing, no live music, no fighting, outdoor masks,…). And of course there would remain a risk to your health. Unfortunately, even tests and the like do not offer sufficient protection.
Therefore, with a heavy heart, we have decided to postpone once again and wait until next year to find out how Sturmwacht Castle will fare under a heavy siege. But then…!
Your tickets will of course remain valid. As requested by many, everyone on the waiting list will receive an email in the next few weeks (again, we are waiting for a release) with a payment request to secure their place if you want it now. We will keep you posted on further developments!
If you have any questions, please feel free to send an mail to info@skald.com
Please stay healthy and take care! We are not giving up! At some point we will be besieged!
Best regards,
Your LA Team


The Con takes place at a real castle!
The event is a small 18+ event with about 300 participants.

Schloßstraße 16, 39343 Altenhausen,


  • NSC contingent dorm: TBA
  • Player contingent castle-hostel: 259€
  • Player contingent castle-hotelroom: 359€