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Sturmwacht: Cursed Tournament

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Alva, the new crown prince of Atteron, once again and ceremoniously invites to the Night of Fortune. The lavish masquerade ball is supposed to bring good luck for the new year and delight the fairies and guests alike. This time the festivities will be accompanied by a tournament, where Atteronians and guests can compete in several contests. Thus, in addition to outstanding fighters, the most talented bards, the most skilled magicians, the most eloquent scribes, the most creative cooks and much more will be sought! Dancing also wants to be practiced, minne-bands braided and gifts prepared.

But it seems that the competition is not under a good star. Strange things are going on between the walls of castle Sturmwacht. Could it have something to do with the rumors of an ancient curse? And to make matters worse, surprising guests show up.

Enjoy the festive atmosphere of a tournament with all the competitions, dances and games that go with it. But you’re not just a spectator, you’re right in the middle of the adventure, because of course the tournament doesn’t go at all as the Atteronians planned it! Solve challenging puzzles, learn even more about Atteron’s secrets, fight in intense skirmishes and face the challenges of politics and intrigue – and maybe you’ll manage to save castle Sturmwacht from a cruel fate once again!

Sturmwacht: Cursed Tournament is a PG18 event and a place for adult, dark themes. We want to take you on an immersive rollercoaster ride and also expose you to one or the other fright element. Stay curious!


This Event takes place at a real castle!
The event is a small 18+ event with about 300 participants.

Schloßstraße 16, 39343 Altenhausen,


  • Player contingent castle-hostel: 279€€
  • Player contingent castle-hotelroom: 379€
  • NPC Grouproom: 79€
  • NPC Own-Tent: 69€

Players with their own ingame tent please contact regie@mythodea.com