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This page will be regularly updated with new content and information on the setting and the factions present at the event.

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Sturmwacht is a con set in Mythodea and organized by LiveAdventure. The event takes place 20-23.02.2020 at Schloss Altenhausen.


Political negotiations, a feast and a mask ball. Thus far the Prince of Atteron had planned. He cordially invites you to Sturmwacht Castle, which lies in the icy grip of winter, to learn more about those who call Mythodea their home and to forge alliances against the Skargen who slaughter his people in his homeland. But the dark secret which lies within these ancient walls fades as his archenemies carry the cold tide directly to the keep’s threshold. Shocked, he finds that one of the hostages held by the dark butchers is dear to him. And not only to him, but also to the guests present! As one we can overcome this nemesis. Can the strange monk in the dungeon help solve the puzzles, which may give an advantage against the monsters, before it is too late for the prisoners and the strategically important castle falls into the hands of the scars?


A mixture of ambience and adventure con awaits you set within the setting of the fantastic Mythodea world on a, until recently unknown and deserted, island. Made for experienced Mythodea players as well as for those who have had little to do with the world thus far. This LARP combines the traditional building blocks of Mythodea with a completely new plot line and combines suspense, drama and interesting play. Designed to provide a stage for aristocratic players and plot hunters alike as well as for players of simple characters such as adventurers, beggars or knights of fortune. There will be something for everyone.
Every participant should experience both plot and immersion, regardless of their social status within the game, whether beggar or aristocrat, register and experience an exciting new side of Mythodea. Get ready for beautiful backdrops, special game moments and innovative game effects. It will be a grand!


The Con takes place at a real castle!
The event is a small 18+ event with about 300 participants.

Schloßstraße 16, 39343 Altenhausen,

You will be accommodated in ambient rooms, there is a banquet, a ball and even in parts personalized plot to suit you in particular.

An adventure never seen before in the Mythodea campaign – take the chance to get one of the few limited tickets!
Any questions? Please click on our FAQ.


  • NSC contingent dorm 49€ (70 tickets)
  • Player contingent castle-hostel 249€ (295 tickets)
  • Player contingent castle-hotelroom 349€ (31 tickets)

All questions regarding room assignment, who would like to share a room with whom, any dietary restrictions, and all matters concerning your IT characters can be answered by you in a designated form when you order your ticket.

The advantages of the different tickets are listed under the tab “Tickets”.