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What is included under the full board?

Full board includes three meals a day: Breakfast, lunch and dinner. In addition, coffee, cake and snacks are served in the afternoon. The dinner on Friday will be an opulent knight’s feast. The first meal is the dinner on Thursday, the last meal is the breakfast on Sunday. Drinks such as water and tea are included within the board. Alcoholic drinks can be purchased in the tavern and brought along.

Can food allergies, intolerances and eating habits (vegetarians, vegans, ...) be taken into consideration?

There will be dishes with and without meat. Allergies, intolerances and other eating habits will be taken into account as much as possible. All registered players will receive a questionnaire a few weeks before the event, please indicate allergies, intolerances and eating habits there.

What types of accommodation are there?

For players there are hotel rooms (ensuite bath and shower) and hostel rooms with bunk beds (shared bath and shower). NPCs sleep in dormitories and must bring a sleeping bag and a sleeping mat or camp bed. There are showers for them. Bed linen and towels are provided only in the hotel rooms.

When and where will be played?

Basically, all outdoor and indoor areas are played on 24 hours a day. Please be considerate of your fellow players from 22.00 and avoid noise in the corridors and bedrooms. From 02:00-07:00 there will be no more NSC actions during the night. In the tavern you can of course make music and celebrate! The bedrooms are basically play zones, out-time locked rooms are not played in. If you don’t want your room to be played in, please attach a clearly visible band to the door handle to indicate this. The game ends fluently Saturday night into Sunday early morning.

Is there a room deposit?

There is no room deposit, but there is a key deposit for the hotel rooms. This is 20 Euro per key. The keys can be deposited at a reception which is open 24 hours a day.

Can people under the age of 18 participate in the event?

Sturmwacht is an 18+ Con. Participation under the age of 18 is excluded.

What is the applicable rule set for this con?

If there is any need for rules, the Live Adventure rules set applies. The aim of Sturmwacht is to play as much as possible with the principle of „you-are-able-to-do-what-you-can-believably-portray“ in order to increase deeper immersion into the game world.

What should I bring besides my costume?

Plates and cutlery are provided during meals. You should bring a good drinking vessel. Players sleeping in hostel rooms should bring towels and sheets for single beds. NPCs should bring towels, a sleeping bag and a sleeping mat or cot.

What is the arrival time?

Sturmwacht takes place 20.-23.02.2020. Arrival is possible as of 20.02. At 14.00 hrs. There is no early arrival deal. Please leave your license plate number if you have to park your car.

What time is departure?

The game ends on (late) Saturday evening into Sunday morning. Breakfast will be provided on Sunday. Please vacate the rooms by 12.00 noon and leave them swept clean. Hotel rooms do not have to be swept clean.