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What? When? Where?

“Sturmwacht II – Under Siege” is a four-day live-action role-playing event with bed and board and takes place in a real castle! 

Like most of our events, “Sturmwacht II – Under Siege” is set in the fictional world of Mythodea, where an eons-old conflict rages between dark and light factions.

“Sturmwacht II – Under Siege” is a full board bed LARP.

Thursday, February 23, 2023 through Sunday, February 26, 2023.

Schloss Altenhausen, Schloßstraße 16, 39343 Altenhausen, Germany


Meals will consist of a hearty breakfast in the morning, snacks at lunch and a hot meal in the evening. There will also be a festive meal on the last evening.

Early arrival

There is no early arrival at the Sturmwacht event. Regular arrival will be Thursday from 10:00 to 19:30.

For NPCs an early arrival is possible if they want to help us with the setup. This has to be clarified at regie@mythodea.de. We cannot guarantee food for people arriving earlier.


Regular arrival will be Thursday from 10:00 to 19:30.

Vehicles can be driven to the courtyard for unloading. Please do not drive onto green areas! Please make sure to unload quickly, as there is only limited space available. Parking spaces will be assigned on site.


Dogs, cats, ferrets, birds, snakes, spiders or other animals are prohibited at Burg Sturmwacht and therefore unfortunately may not be brought along. Designated companion or assistance animals must be registered with the team at regie@mythodea.de.


Once again Prince Aenwyn invites the friends of Atteron to festivities at Surmwacht Castle on Ghost Rock. Not only is the fall of the Undead capital Ankor Mortis to be celebrated, but the annual Night of Fortune is also coming up – a ball at which fairies are also to walk among the guests. 

But nothing is as expected at the castle. Surrounded by enemies, hosts and guests alike fear for their lives! Will the allies succeed in beating back the enemy or will Sturmwacht Castle fall into enemy hands after this terrible siege? 

Join us for exciting battles, emotional scenes and a grim siege scenario.

Factions present


All settler realms

Other adventurers 

Element Tribes



Undead Flesh



Crimson Sails Company


The game is played according to the DKWDDK principle, based on the rulebook published in 2022:


The Sturmwacht is a PG18 event and its game content is aimed at participants of legal age. Participation of younger persons must be arranged with the organizers.