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The Story

“The tide is coming and threatening to devour us all. How can we face the danger of the Skargen? Only together!

Heroes and settlers of Mythodea! The dark flood of the Skargen has been devastating my homeland Atteron for years. Now the bloodthirsty hordes have also landed on the coasts of Mythodea. Therefore I call representatives from all seals and fighters for all elements to the castle Sturmwacht at the end of winter, where we want to hold a council of war together. For the high ladies and gentlemen a ball will be organized and for the commoners a fair will be held to entertain.

I hope that messengers of all seals will introduce themselves and bring knowledge and wisdom, and also present customs and traditions of their homeland, so that we may learn.


Prince Aenwin of Atteron”

The Setting

Sturmwacht is a four-day live role-playing game in the ConQuest campaign. It takes place at Altenhausen Castle, a picturesque setting for the court of a prince on a journey. The focus is on a war council that Prince Aenvin of Atteron has convened to forge a battle plan against the Skargen.

The event is suitable for aristocrats and other leaders, but also commoners and servants, settlers on Mythodea and travelling people. There will be something for everyone: Including dancing lessons for the high ladies and gentlemen, a ball, the possibility to cross blades and a fair for the simple folk. All together they will experience entertainment and togetherness at the end of the dreaded season of ice.

The focus of the event will be on diplomacy, but there will also be puzzles, dangers and fights. Of course there are also old secrets of Mythodea to be discovered at the castle. From the start you will have the opportunity to dive deep into the next chapter of the ConQuest campaign and learn more about Prince Aenvin, Atteron and the Skargen.

Altenhausen Castle offers space for 300 people in comfortable rooms. For the first time in the ConQuest campaign we can offer you catering inclusive and partly personalized plots.

The Setting

Here is where you will find the basic information on the NSC factions attending Sturmwacht. Roles will have to be cast, due to the limited amount of NPCs attending Sturmwacht. We will send you additional information on your specific role after you have purchased your ticket.

Skargen: Half of the NPC slots will be taken up by Skargen, who will not only have a battle function, but will also have the opportunity to role-play. At times where you are not playing your Skargen NPC, you’re welcome to play as a commoner of the Atteron faction for additional role play and help further the plot among the players. More info can be found in the Skargen Facebook group.
Skargen Deals will be available.

Atteron: As we want to ensure that each layer of society has an equal amount of roleplay, we need NPCs who will fill the castle with life, create intrigue and interaction for everyone. This requires ladies of the court, squires, serfs and much more to act as the entourage of Prince Aenwin of Atteron. These roles will get an elaborate background to generate maximum immersion among the players and also fun for the portraying NPCs. An application link will follow soon prior to ticket sale.
Atteron Deals will also be available.

Unique roles: There will be a limited amount of specific characters, which we don’t want to spoil here. These characters will be required to play intensely. An application link will also follow soon.

The ticket shop opens at the end of October / beginning of November.
We are looking forward to having you attend as NPCs at Sturmwacht!